Monday, November 29, 2010

Funny Street View Shots on Google Maps

The Girl Who Pee’s Her Pants.

Couple entering an adult toy store.

Dudes Peeing Together in the Middle of a Busy Highway.

Man leaving a central London sex shop.

A drunken man keeled over outside his home.

Never Forget Your Keys Again.

The guy who stalked.

Doing graffiti without getting caught.


That had to have hurt.

He might have forgotten his keys.

A drunken man keeled over outside his home.

“Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Bad boys.” – The Google Street Views Version of the TV Show COPS.

Guy getting into the adult book store.

Attack of the Post-It Notes.

Kid Falls Off His Bike.

House on Fire.

Getting a Cat out of a Tree.

Google Car Kills Bambi.

Drug Deal.

Street Fight.

Unaware he’s been caught on camera, a man walks into a sex shop in Amsterdam.

Lots of Public Urination.

Viking Quest in Action!

Kid Caught About to Shoot Someone.

Taken out of context, this rifle-toting man sporting a Harley Davidson sweatshirt looks pretty sinister. But who knows, maybe he raises puppies for a living.

A girl bending over, and two guys watching her.

Nerdy Kids Pretending to be "Mad Scientists".

Girl Flashes Google Car.

Marriage Proposal (2.0!).

A guy carrying an inflatable sex doll.

"It’s alright son, no one can see you".

Guy Pervert Caught In The Act.

That’s a strip club behind him?


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