Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday Wishes and Messages

Everyday Birthday Wishes
- Wishing you only the best on your special day
- Wishing you fun times, great memories and the best of days
- Enjoy your day! I'll be thinking about you!
- You have 24 hours to do as you wish. Better get busy!
- Happy Birthday to you! May your birthday wishes come true.
- As your body gets older, your spirit remains as young as ever.
- May you not faint while blowing out your candles, Happy Birthday.
- Wishing you gifts that will last forever on your birthday.
- All the best for a special person on their special day.
- Here's hoping your future is as bright as the candles on your cake.

Funny Birthday Wishes
- It sure was easier remembering your age when you were 29 every year
- What have you got to lose at your age? Other than hair, hearing, eyesight, flexibilty, memory...
- Get wild and crazy on your birthday. You know, rent an R rated movie, eat extra butter popcorn and stay up passed eight
- Age is just a number. A very telling number, but still just a number
- May your wishes come true and your spouse not find out

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes
- At 50 you're not over the hill. You're at the peak. Enjoy it, because it's downhill from here
- Looking forward to wishing 50 more!
- Life is to be enjoyed at 50. If not now, when?
- Wishing you a very nifty and enjoyable fifty
- You're now your parents age when you thought they were old
- If you've lived the first fifty with any regrets, live the second fifty without abandon

Funny 40th Birthday Wishes
- Good Lordy, Happy Forty!
- 40 is when things begin to fall in place. Unfortunately once they start falling into place they just keep falling
- 40 is known as middle age. Because at 40 it's all about your middle

Funny 30th Birthday Wishes
- Turning thirty and getting flirty. Enjoy the day like there's no tomorrow
- I wish I had a dime for every year you turned 29
- I would have placed 30 candles on your cake but I wanted you to see what it looked like
- Thirty, wordy and a tad bit dirty. Just they way I like you

Funny 21st Birthday Wishes
- You can do so many more things at 21! Like move out, get a job, support yourself... shall I go on?
- I don't remember turning 21. Avoid the booze and you should have no problem
- Twenty-one, so much fun
- Only 364 more days and you'll be considered old

Funny 18th Birthday Wishes
- At 18 you know everything. And I know that because I was once 18
- Stay young as long as you can, getting older isn't all it's cracked up to be
- Congratulations! 18 is a milestone. Well maybe a yard stone
- Now that you're old enough to know better, it all becomes illegal

Romantic Birthday Wishes
- Every birthday with you is a piece of cake
- I hope I can be the light on your candles, the frosting on your cake and the gift that you'd like to unwrap


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