Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gas Powered Everything

Nissan North America has unveiled a new ad campaign that asks "What if everything ran on gas?"

Created to promote their electric powered Leaf model, the commercial takes a humorous look at the advantages of electricity. More interestingly, Nissan takes a swipe at the Chevrolet Volt which is a range-extended electric vehicle that uses a petrol engine to extend its 25 to 50 mile (40 to 80 km) range on electricity alone.

Nissan will begin airing 15-second teasers later this week, before debuting the full commercial on June 12th during the NBA Finals in the U.S.



Nissan. The only one to purchase the Chevy Volt.


I want an electric car.... but they're effing expensive!


Those electric cars are bloody expensive, i care about my money a bit more than about planet earth, sorry

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