Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ragnarok Advertisement

Korea online game Ragnarok advertisement actors by Hot Korean Girl.



Wow that was so cute. visit for Philippine Ragnarok Private Server

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Max Level: 99
Job Level: 70
Max Stats: 99
Max Aspd: 193
Base Experience Rate: 30000x
Job Experience Rate: 30000x
Quest Experience Rate: 25000x
Max Friends: 100
Max Party: 12
Party Share Exp Level: 50
Max Char Zeny: 2,000,000,000 (2 Billion)

* Healer the Fountain Spirit
* Stat & Skill Reset
* Free Job Changer for Normal, Baby
* Dungeon & Town Warper
* PvP & GvG Arenas (Special maps).
* Banker
* Dead Branch Room
* Card Remover
*Spawn NPC
*Disguise Event
*Woe Warper
*Mall Warper
*Custom Warper
*PVP Ladder
*WoE / WoE:SE
*Automatic Events
*Gold Room


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Alan Burchardt March 31, 2017 at 6:09 PM


Renewal Server Rate 15x15x15


★Allows offline vending with merchant class
★Displays the rates of the server
★Allows searching of monster information
★Displays information on items
★Displays Server time
★Shows which monster drops an item
★Shows current experience

Server Specifications

★8 core intel Xeon
★16GB of ram Upgradable
★Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64
★Automated backup system
★Never lose more than a days works. Automated System makes a backup of the server every 12 hours
★Guaranteed no wipes!
★We will never have a need for a wipe due to hardware failure because the backup files are stored in 3 different locations.
★Dedicated 15mbps Bustable to 1GBPS
-Unique features
★Responsive NPCs
Many of our custom NPCs are able to listen and respond to what you type! For example, if you say "go paradise" near our custom Warper NPC she will gladly respond by warping you to the location.
★Custom Maps
Not only are there new maps that are hangout points like market and paradise island but we have custom dungeons and quest lines that provide unqiue progressive content for different levels of players.
Aside from the holiday events like Easter which is currently running now we cover all the holidays with unique maps monsters and quests. Theres also hourly events like morroc poring invasion which even gives donation credits.
★Same-Sex Marriages
★Title System (provides stats and unique titles)
★Mortal Kombat Arena
★Capture The Flag (CTF)
★Custom Morroc WoE Castles (in addition to official castles)
★Custom Headgears and Wings (wings are also obtainable through quests like sleepy hallow and ice dungeon custom maps)
★Custom Weapons and Cards (Some cards also obtainable through questing in game for game balance)
★Balanced donations with in game ways to get free donation credit by quests and games.
★75 Hairstyles and 251 Haircolors
★500+ Character Outfit Colors
★Customized Spell Circles and Level 99+ Auras

-The server has several Custom NPCs for the ease of the players:
Reset Girl
Time Keeper
Warp Agent
Job Master
Red Potion Trader
Grape Seller
Novice Potion Seller
lvl 4 weapon slotter
Armour Slotter
Russian Roulette game
Guardian Issuer NPC
Quest skill NPC
And Many More~!

-Custom Monsters-
This isn't just the normal 2d monsters but we have a lot of unique 3d monsters. Not just ones which are currently in game but more coming soon
with some of the new events and quests coming soon.

-Comming soon to DayDreamRO-
★Hawaii map with custom housing
★Prontera housing map
★Episode 0 storyline Story builds up the story pre release and answers many future lore holes in the ragnarok story aside from new weapons
★Haunted Mansion to add to the halloween events this halloween
★Fishing and Mining

If you have more questions feel free to visit our invision forums and ask

Why should you play here?
Rather then feeding you some bullshit about being the best server. The server opened recently and both me and the owner have been in the ragnarok community for around 14 years providing help or
building servers. We give a damn about Ragnarok and we enjoy the game and want to make it better if possible. If you give us a chance we might just surprise you with a game you would really
enjoy playing too. I can promise that we will put all we can into the server to make it fun and exciting not just from level 1 but max level.

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