Saturday, June 11, 2011

Future touch-screen technology in 2020

Developed different types of photovoltaic glass, adaptable to any type of building. A wide range of photovoltaic glass, like Thin-Film, ...

Photovoltaic glass is a special glass with integrated solar cells, to convert solar energy into electricity. This means that the power for an entire ...

Corning is leveraging its experience in LCD glass substrates, materials science, and light management to develop photovoltaic glass solutions for more ...

Pythagoras Solar, a provider of advanced building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products, today announced plans to commercialize the ...

The more energy efficient the building, the greater the benefit of the PV cells. Bear in mind that PV glass laminates can often be doubly beneficial ...



I can't wait!


LCD screens are a thing of the if this is our future its lame...we can accomplish way more then this in shorter time


They make it look so "nice" and beautiful. Even the music is so melodic and relaxing.


AMAZING! Why can't these things be on the market RIGHT NOW!! I don't want to be dead before things like this are an every day norm!

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