Saturday, June 11, 2011

Future Living Technology

This video is a small presentation as touch-screen, computer interface, e-ink electronic paper technology, future car, future mobile phones, vertical farms etc.



I hope that one day can to come


pretty nice but i suspect the cities of the future will be enourmous shanty towns. its already starting to happen


I feel so sad for being born in 1995..... I will be to old to enjoy all this :(

Just imagine.... like in 2050 or 2100 people will use nanosuits in wars like the ones in the videogame Crysis :O I wanna be a marine when i become 18 years old but all those things that I wrote above make me sad :/


Visions of the future are always better than reality.


one point about the architecture - in european citites there are many old

buildings today, while in cities like shanghai, dubai, singapur you have

mordern citiies - i dont know if we in europe will remove those old buildings

AND the buildings from today, it would be to expensive ! therefore its very possible, that most areas in europe will just look like today -

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