Friday, July 10, 2009

Toilet Signs (63 PICS)

Let's see whether you will not enter the wrong restroom?

1. Home Slice Pizza, Austin

2. Scotland

3. Paris

4. Kloschild, MÃnner, Cafe in Prague

5. Atlanta Georgia

6. Bremen

7. UrbanAngel, Edinburgh

8. Hongdae, Seoul, S. Korea

9. At the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

10. UAE & Oman

11. Disney Sea

12. Taroko Gorge Nature Reserve Visitors Centre, Taiwan

13. Taiwan

14. Fisherman’s Wharf, Danshui, Taipei, Taiwan

15. Australia

16. Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood, CA

17. Siam Center, Bangkok

18. Singapore

19. Singapore

20. Lindesfarne, Northumberland, England

21. Botanical Garden, Prague, Czech Republic

22. Czech Republic

23. White Dog, Philly

24. Ireland

25. Kispipa Restaurant, Budapest

26. Boyaca, Colombia

27. La Campagnola Restaurant, Brescia, Lombardy, Italy

28. Germany

29. Korea

30. Wales

31. Taiwan

32. Lausanne, Switzerland

33. Patong Beach, Thailand

34. Pamukkale, Turkey

35. Barcelona, Spain

36. Hemmings Motor News Station, Bennington, Vermont



lol, the one on rooster and chicks is funny:)


lol interesting post on toilet signs =p

Mei Teng

The Korean sign makes the men look like perverts! I like the signs from Atlanta, Georgia and Columbia. The brothers and sisters one's funny!


hihi.. wow there are so many signs on toilets.. haha


1. Home Slice Pizza, Austin

i still dont know how to differentiate the male and female until now.


Bremen's toilet symbol is good..
and i want to ask u how to use "click see more" to view the whole post in blogspot?


Hmm... How human make love? Think this way u may get it :-D


haha. nice and some are cute~ :-D


This link may help you Good luck :D


OMG~ how can they have such creativity!!?? some of it was really awesome!!! :-D


The toilet pictures are interesting!


heyyy, my goodness! where did u find all these, haha. interesting post *winks* ^^


interesting. i can't wait to see toilet signboards in 50 years time.


woots! nice once! =)


hahaha. The Taiwan one "Gentle"?? Males are Gentle?! :P.

Very nice post! I enjoyed it... the pizza is funny haha.. going to have a different view when eating pizza now xD.

The Korea one is weird.. why did they potray woman is a bunny while the man as a gorilla? hahaha.


nice post laikepo! tq for all these funny funny things..


i liked numbers 28 and 29. very funny. haha. :D

all the others were fun, too!

wow.. cool. i'm visit back too lah.. hehe...


LOL 8-)

Laugh my ass off! :-P


Haha! So creative! really good one! Enjoyed this post! :-D


Toilet signs are special and cute!!!


Korea Super :-P :-P

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