Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hospital Themed Restaurant (16 PICS)

The amazing restaurant located in Riga, Latvia named “Hospitalis“. The restaurant exactly look like hospital, it have medicine cabinet, surgery equipment, ward room & etc. Whereas you are treated as a patient and take good care by waitresses nurses uniforms. The waitress serves the food in syringes, flasks and on operating-room dishes. The doctor owned restaurant is treated by waitresses in nurse outfits.



nice.. but i wouldn't allow my bf go there.. =.="
so many pretty & sexy nurses around.. =___="


Really have such a place? I won't go there because stepping inside I lose appetite already :)


Haha... I wonder if the food tastes like hospital food too. If it does I won't go =d. By the way, I've already added your link to my blog =)


Take a look for more detail about the Hospitalis


sicked ...but cool.


cool.. but the nurse not sexy enough..


The only reason why i'd go is the nurses wei..other than that...i feel sick while eating..haha..

haha... i tot at malaysia. is at out of malaysia....


man...its kinda sickening. ahaha!


Good... succes for you.... 8-)

Mei Teng

I don't like the idea of hospital themed restaurants.


Hmm... Why??? *DONT_KNOW*


who wanted to eat with syringe and forceps?


coolness awesomeness!!!!

i wonder if there's one in KL. :( thought there's one medical themed restaurant in Singapore by Clarke Quay if am not mistaken.

Adele Archuleta

The hospital themed restaurant is cute! Do we have it here?


As i know only have in Riga, Latvia


Wow! Interesting! The food looks gory and yummy hahaha.. I would definitely give this a try, but doubt it would work in Malaysia as a lot of people will shun this kind of place away. There is a hospital theme pub in Singapore Clark Quay, but only the place looks like a hospital, I don't think they serve drinks in syringes hehe..


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Mm...very very interesting. The idea is very good and interesting but I felt they went a bit too far when come to the food part. Should be served as in what is served in hospital with the metal plate thing. Or else if I am the surgeon I cut patient half started eating what ever I cut off. Haha. It should be cool, cute, fun and not too realistic and disgusting.

elims Chuang 光宏

Just see the girl nia.. @@"


wow this is so cool! =D

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